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The Pack A.D.

with Kitten Forever

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7:30 pm

$12.00 ADVANCE



Destruction and melody, acid wit and bruising vocals-this is the Pack A.D. Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have made a sound so gigantic, so fierce and raw and empowering, that it’s easy to forget there are just two people behind this brilliant, carefully constructed havoc. Shredding and pounding their way through every song, the Pack A.D. swallows you whole inside their fearless Franken-blend of heavy psychpop/garage-rock. Their lyrics are wild nests, human and complex: darkly funny disclosures about depression; indictments of digital excess; grief-stricken fire bombs; sly crusades against stupidity.


Kitten Forever is a Minneapolis-based drums and bass trio. Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton began playing music together in 2006. Kitten Forever’s roots are formed first and foremost in friendship and secondly in feminism. Taking inspiration from riot grrrl, post-punk, and hardcore, their lo-fi stripped down aesthetic is both personal and tongue-in-cheek; aggressive and disco. A band of bratty banshee best friends, Kitten Forever believes in each other, pets, magic, and you.