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Real Numbers ∕ Heaters

with France Camp and The Cult of Lip

Saturday, September 3, 2016

8:00 pm




…the Minneapolis trio is tethered to making (distant) pop songs, in a mold that confines them to be terse and bright, sounding like the Desperate Bicycles or even Swell Maps were both those bands slightly more mod… [agitreader.com]

…Slumberland Records boss Mike Schulman also switched us on to Real Numbers, bringing us the news that Minnesota has discovered the finer pieces of indie’s archaic pieces of important esoterica. From “Perils of Pauline” to “Ordeal”, the spirit of Television Personalities DIY pop is alive and well from coast to coast, and through the Midwest… [imposemagazine.com]

…bubbly, fun-loving garage pop. Their simplistic sound is characterized by delicate, lighthearted vocal tones and sweet, sugary guitar hooks… [styrofoamdrone.com]


Less than a year after the release of Holy Water Pool – Heaters’ debut, a crushing, revelatory psycho-surf-rock anointment-as-album – there are no apparent signs of distress to the engine that powers this Michigan-made vehicle of sound. To the contrary, Heaters are operating at a higher horsepower than ever before, as evidenced by the 2016 release of Baptistina.

Baptistina glimmers to a greater degree than anything Heaters have previously unleashed, a full-spectrum sheen that shines across the full panorama of righteous reverb riots. Heaters are in full control of their machine from the opening, looped-lunacy of “Centennial” to the final crash of “Seafoam,” forty-six minutes later – and yet the result of this increase in control can be heard as a willingness to crash their ship completely. But have faith in the pilots – Heaters are living for the next ride.


When the beloved Minneapolis band Nice Purse tragically ceased to be, a smoking hole was left where the bombastic group once stood tall. Fortunately for the humans of the universe, lead man France Camp decided to continue writing and releasing his own brand of surf punk under his assumed name – along with James Wolfeatens, Dylan Rose and Kyle Kimm – to equally awesome returns.


psychwavedroneshineplanchettepeople | Previously known as VATS from 2009-2015.