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Ian Alexy and the Deserters


Friday, December 16, 2016

8:00 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE



Ian Alexy, best known for his work with Americana group Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank, is releasing a new record with his backing group The Deserters titled Into The Night. The music is a continuation of his solo work, which was last heard on his 2012 release Born On The Day Of The Dead. Much of that record was performed by Ian Alexy himself, playing multiple instruments.

The difference this time is that the music was played by the band live in the studio. This allows for the musicians to react together and gives the songs real dynamics and sonics that can’t be created artificially. There were also overdubs done to enrich the arrangements, but the bulk of what you hear including the much of the lead vocals was recorded live in the studio. Ian Alexy and the Deserters includes Dave Mehling from Minneapolis group The Fontanelles on Keyboards and guitars. Drummer Mike Cini and bassist Johnnie Timm are best known for their work with superstar vocalist Nicholas David.

Into The Night includes some of Ian’s most popular songs from his live sets of the past couple years, like “Misfits In Love” and “1988”. The EP was recorded by producer Dylan Nau, who is best known for his work with twin cities artists Apollo Cobra and Nicholas David.


The Federales: Classic country for the modern world. We’re not from the Black Hills, the Texas Panhandle or Appalachia. We’re from the Twin Cities. Damn proud of it, too, but we play country music, because it’s one of America’s native languages. We use it to tell our stories of love, good times, Grain Belt & friends. Some are fact. Some are fiction with the truth hiding in there somewhere. All of them are heartfelt. We’re pickers, fiddlers, groovers & harmonizers. We’re ready to make you sing along, get up and dance or just sit and tap your toes. We’re The Federales.


Haley Rydell and Nate Case met through a mutual friend, Henry Pollan, in October of 2004 at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Lake Superior Hall. Case’s dorm complex, affectionately known as the “Ghetto in the Sky,” was home to the infant jam sessions among their freshman year hippie band, Noble Haze. The band saw minor success opening UMD’s big spring concert for national giants, Guster, and the group soon let their newly found rock stardom go completely to their heads.


Teague Alexy’s music and writing is deeply rooted in Americana after touring the country for nearly a decade with brother Ian in their foot-stomping duo Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. If you listen close to the swing of Teague’s voice, guitar and harmonica you can hear he has not completely forgotten growing up in South Jersey an aspiring DJ and rapper. If you listen close to Teague’s wordplay, you can still hear a hint of the Irish storytellers he descended from. It is an ever-expanding backdrop for an original and profound American musician, writer and storyteller.