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21+ SHOW | Surly Brewing presents


with Corey J Brewer and Novacron

Friday, January 6, 2017

8:00 pm

$15.00 ADVANCE



godheadSilo is a noise rock duo formed in Fargo, North Dakota but based itself in Olympia, Washington. The duo comprised bassist Mike Kunka and drummer Dan Haugh, who had grown up together in Fargo. They were known for their loud “wall of sound” live performances, which were full of raging drums, screaming and a gigantic heavy bass sound. Mike employed many effects pedals and a large wall of amps to create his thunderous sound.

godheadSilo originally started in 1991 as a three-piece, with Phil Leitch playing guitar. Leitch left the band after their first show at Fargo’s Moose Lodge. From then on, the band recorded and performed as a two-piece. The group relocated to Olympia, Washington and were signed to local indie label Kill Rock Stars. They recorded and released their debut The Scientific Supercake LP in 1994 for Kill Rock Stars. Although the band has been on hiatus since the release of Share the Fantasy in 1998, Mike and Dan joined forces with Murder City Devils vocalist Spencer Moody in a band called Smoke and Smoke, releasing the album Love Suffers Long in 2004.

“Godheadsilo never really broke up,” says Haugh, who lives in New Orleans. “I had a horrible accident, lost my ability to play drums for several years, and it was just kind of like a fade-away kind of thing.” “I had an accident where my hand was almost cut off completely,” Haugh says. “The doctors were like, ‘You’ll never play drums again.’ A few years of intense physical and occupational therapy got it working again. It’s still pretty wonky, but it can hold a drumstick just fine.” In 2015, godheadSilo reunited to play a concert in commemoration of Ralph’s Corner, a Fargo, ND music venue that closed in 2005.


Across mediums my art deals with examining and amplifying subtleties in larger works, most often through montage, collage and repetition. Building anxiety from juxtaposing sounds/images from disparate works (my own work and elements drawn from pop culture) to create new narratives or to illuminate darker subtexts easily overlooked in the original works.


Three fellas making sounds in the style of rock, featuring members of Hammerhead, Seawhores, Vaz, Gay Witch Abortion: Adam Marx, Apollo Liftoff (F. Votel), Shawn Walker. Formerly known as Jet Legs.