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21+ SHOW | City Pages presents


with Lo Moon

Friday, February 17, 2017

8:00 pm

$15.00 ADVANCE



The best bands are the ones that operate like gangs, the ones who formed to kick back at the world and act as a kind of orphanage for similarly displaced youths. Said bands don’t care about anything as much as they care about being that band. Music becomes the unifier, a language that can be joyful and sorrowful at once, and always cathartic. The pure authenticity of the band is in their refusal to pander to rules and expectations. It’s their way or the highway. MUNA are that band.

They finish each other’s sentences, they are one another’s biggest cheerleaders, they have a language between them that defies American English, and in conversation they can’t wait to get onto the subject of their shared queerness as fast as possible. MUNA came together like a ride-or-die clique would form in a cult classic teen movie. If three’s a crowd, MUNA are the one you wanna hang with. Imagine the opening scene. It takes place at USC in LA, sophomore year. Katie Gavin, a newly arrived transfer student from NYU, is walking out of an African Diaspora class where she’s just met a cute girl with a twice-pierced nose called Naomi McPherson who she wants all her friends to meet…

Naomi explains, “We were walking out of class and I asked Katie what she studied and she tells me she’s a music major, and I say, ‘That’s cool, I play guitar’. And she says, ‘Oh you play guitar? you can be in my band.’” Katie, the mastermind and captain of MUNA, laughs, rubbing her hands. “I was scheming. We became friends organically.” Josette Maskin, the third wheel of this initial meet-cute came across Katie separately in a music class. “Did we really meet in class, dog? I don’t remember,” asks Josette. Katie: “Dude, we met in class, remember? I was trying to reinvent myself by pretending I was straight. When I met you I thought, ‘Oh my god, great. A gay!” When Katie eventually introduced Naomi to Josette, Josette told her she was going to follow Naomi home, take all of her skin off and wear it… “Dude, Josette terrified me,” recalls Naomi. “You’re such a weirdo, I love it. Now I realise you were saying that stuff in a friendly way.” Josette draws a blank, admitting she can’t remember a second of this. “Dude. You were blasted,” says Naomi. They howl together.


Lo Moon are a three-piece band based in LA who’s debut song, a 7-minute sprawling anthem called “Loveless,” is already receiving early love from the likes of NPR Music, KROQ, KCRW, KEXP, Buzzbands LA, and more.  The song was recently featured on NPR’s “Heavy Rotation” list for 2016, with notable music programmer Bruce Warren of WPXN calling it “shimmering, immersive, and otherworldly… Loveless is a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of song.”  The song has already had over two million streams since it was released in the fall. The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album and will be releasing a music video by Warren Fu (Daft Punk, Strokes, Killers) for Loveless shortly.