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21+ SHOW

Waldemar ∕ A Piano in Every Home ∕ Ashley Groves

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

7:00 pm




Eau Claire, WI reeks of talent. It has been blessed with the emergence of nationally recognized bands and artists to bring forth the indie scene in recent years that has no doubt been thriving all along, but was never getting the recognition it deserved. Eau Claire’s most recent emergence is solo-artist Gabe Larson who prefers the stage moniker Waldemar – the royal name of lines of ancient Swedish and Danish king’s as well as Larson’s late paternal grandfather.


Travis Erickson and Jake Pavek of A Piano In Every Home taught each other how to make music. Through their formative years, the duo wrote, recorded and traveled together. A common thread of musical training, messy affairs, and expeditions through the American West and Asia helped to fill a well of shared experience. Mark Kartarik and Jake Wallenius expanded the roster after the release of Meridian in late 2013.


Ashley is masterful in her presentation of subtleties and sass, mixing fluidly with guitarist Dayton Brock, and fellow band members. Her jazz-infused take on indie-folk will draw you in with her complex writing style, and smooth vocal stylings will leave your musical mind enchanted and ears wanting more.