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21+ SHOW

Nick Eagon ∕ Blank Range ∕ Stone Arch Isles

Monday, August 14, 2017

7:30 pm




Nicholas John Eagon, age 23, started his music career performing extensive airguitar in the kitchen with a boombox and his imagination. “My mother introduced me to Guns N’ Roses, among other hard rock bands, when I was very young. I would perform in front of my dog every night.” Music has been on Eagon’s mind from early on. Nick started playing guitar around age 10, fronting bands by age 13. “My main band, Zentennial, performed many shows when I was growing up. I learned as a musician being a part of a group like that. I evolved as a writer, collaborating with really talented musicians.”


“It’s a snapshot of transition, of worldview formation, of deciding which questions to try to answer, and which ones to leave alone.” That’s Grant Gustafson (guitar/vocals), theorizing about the genesis of Blank Range’s new EP, Vista Bent.

Blank Range was born in Nashville in 2012, by accident. Jonathon Childers (guitar/vocals) and Matt Novotny (drums/vocals) were touring the Southeast with their college band, and through an acquaintance, stayed at Grant’s on their way through Nashville. The last stop on the tour after Nashville was a Memphis house show that was canceled, leaving Childers and Novotny in Nashville for a few more days than originally planned. The seeds of the band-to-be were planted during those days and within six months, Childers and Novotny moved to Nashville. Blank Range was formed shortly thereafter as two separate creative conversations fused into a conversation between two front men and two songwriters.


Phil Levine, Matt Gleason, Dan Chapdelaine, Alex Chapdelaine, Trevor Stroschein, Carlos Kelley.