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21+ SHOW

Flamin’ Oh’s

with Little Man

Saturday, September 30, 2017

8:00 pm

$8.00 ADVANCE | $10.00 DOOR



In 1977, the band Flamingo was formed by Robert Wilkinson and Johnny Rey (guitars), Jody Ray (bass guitar), Bob Meide (percussion) and Joseph Behrend (keyboards and vocals). The release of an EP in 1978, recorded at Tracks on Fifth, included the songs “Smart Girl,” “We Do What We Like,” “One More Night” and one of the band’s most popular and enduring songs, “I Remember Romance.” Critics took note of Flamingo and the EP release with descriptive praise:

“Hard edged Stones-like rock’n’roll. East Coast street anthems coupled with Midwestern optimism and enthusiasm.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

“Hard edged Stones-like rock’n’roll. East Coast street anthems coupled with Midwestern optimism and enthusiasm.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

“Howling and grimacing under his vacuous white sunglasses, leaping and stomping across the stage, at times crawling, beseeching on his knees, Wilkinson is an infectious inciter, one who, in the trade, is affectionately described as a ‘showman.’” (St. Paul Dispatch)

“Listeners are beginning to discover that these are exciting straightforward rock ‘n’ roll boys, and that their only connection with ‘punk-rock’ lies is their obsession with the politics of ‘cool.’ The four songs on this record tell that story. ‘One more night, that’s what I need to be with you/ One more night with you girl would be so…cool.’ The carnivorous chick in Flamingo’s “Smart Girl” knows instinctually how to play with singer Robert Wilkinson’s ego, how to offend his radio-activated heart: ‘When we were in love last night/ You forced me down/ When we got home last night/ You kicked me around/ You put me down/ Like some kind of clown.’” (Twin Cities Reader)


Rock band Little Man, who’s fronted by Chris Perricelli, continues to be a strong live act and an amazingly diverse recording artist of the Twin Cities. Classic Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock – think George Harrison meets Bowie meets Jack White.

From the mind of Chris Perricelli comes this lofty spiritual journey as heard and told through the music of Little Man. Like a small statured mythological being of which the band takes it’s name, these songs act as catalyst to ones own personal journey. “Who am I really?” “What is enlightenment?” Investigating human emotions and attachments with many Zen inspired elements, Original Face will take you to the outskirts of infinity and back, and just then, you might see your true original face. Hear the Bolan-esque boogie and horns on “The Builder”. Nods to Bowie with acoustic rhythms and Ronson-like layered guitars throughout. Nods to both The Kinks and George Harrison’s influence on “Medicinal” and take part in yelling out the modern rock anthems like “Face”.