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21+ SHOW | SOLACE’S 40th BIRTHDAY BASH featuring

All Tomorrow’s Petty

with Dark Horse, 2Fäst4thëDëvíł, DJ's Pete Sampras and Henman Hill

Thursday, December 21, 2017

7:00 pm

$12.00 ADVANCE | $15.00 DOOR



All Tomorrow’s Petty is not a “tribute” band, per se. It is a (part of a) night that you spend with your friends in (or near) a bar or some other celebratory site/occasion. While you’re there, you hear a bunch of songs written by Tom Petty and played by homeboys/girls who enjoy playing them together. If you already like Tom Petty’s songs, you’re happy to hear them rendered in a mostly recognizable fashion. If you are deluded into thinking you don’t know or like any Petty songs, you are forced to confront this wrongheaded notion.

You might drink, you might not. You might sing, you might not. You will most likely discover something about yourself or your friends that you were not previously aware of — it could be a small thing, but small things are still things. You will absolutely hear electric guitar, which is widely (if not officially) recognized as the national musical instrument of the United States of America. Assuming you and your friends live in these same United States, this element will make you feel at ease and all the more able to enjoy the invaluable company of your friends. You will not hear the lyrics to “Free Fallin'” (sorry). Your actual lifespan on the planet will be extended by a minimum of four hours, perhaps more if you choose to sing.

Members: usually JT Bates, James Diers, Jacob Hanson, Rob Skoro, and whoever else shows up.


A tribute to the music of George Harrison featuring members of Farewell Milwaukee, General B and the Wiz, and The Honeydogs


A tribute to early Mötley Crüe of impossible sonic force and primordial boogie, majestic riffs and a sprinkling of other early metal.


aka Sam Cassidy and James Taylor