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21+ SHOW

The Annual Blowout

ft. Birthday Suits, Shadow in the Cracks, and Fury Things

Saturday, January 6, 2018

8:00 pm

$8.00 ADVANCE | $10.00 DOOR



Since their debut in 2005, the Minneapolis-based duo of Matthew Kazama and Hideo Takahashi has excelled at tossing elements of late-’90s mathcore and classic Reagan-era punk against the wall with disarming power and impressively fresh results. Their 2010 release, Minnesota: Mouth To Mouth (Nice and Neat Records), sticks to that formula, but with a smidge more spit-polish shining up their succinct sense of melody.


Brothers Jim and Mike Blaha constitute 66.6% of Minneapolis’s best export this side of Target: The Blind Shake. Rounded out and beaten forward by co-founder Dave Roper, the trio exercises undeservedly antiquated practices, such as: (1) marrying quality-control with a hyper-prolific release and touring schedule; (2) allowing the resultant discography to boast an uncommon variety and scope; (3) what might be the best live show in contemporary garage-punk / related underground; and (4) appropriating garage-punk, class-of-1990 noise-rock and blunt-force post-punk, out of which emerges a largely proprietary mountain of scuzz-pop menace.


FURY THINGS are three quiet dudes playing loud music. In three prolific years, they’ve released three EPs, two singles and a brand new LP, all while gradually becoming mainstays in the Twin Cities music community. With no image, ego or gimmick, they let their melodic hooks and electric stage presence speak for them. Drenched in sweat and left with ears ringing after every show, their on-stage aggression is balanced with a friendliness and persevering attitude that has netted them fans locally and internationally.