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21+ SHOW

Shoshone George ∕ Joe Kopel ∕ Dangerbad

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

7:00 pm

$7.00 ADVANCE | $9.00 DOOR



Shoshone George was born on the road and raised in the timbers of Fennario. He’s been in every kind of down and out place with a smile on his face. Shoshone George has rubbed elbows with the lonely and lost and seen regular folks all over the land. Shoshone George learned songs from folks and sings songs for folks. He bled into every tribe and he’s pure American. Shoshone George knows all the tricks. He’s been called a punk, a bastard, a hippie, a farmer, a fighter, a lover, a brother, and a friend. Shoshone George is the first Great American.


Hi, I’m Joe. I made a record with some friends. It’s called Topics. It’s called this because I was thinking about a lot of current events kind of stuff during the time I was writing it. The big ol stuff that I guess we’re all going through, like technology and politics, and how that affects our communication and feelings of connection or isolation.


Born of primordial ooze and space dust. Cranking out groovy, garage jams. Feedback. Mike Bublitz (guitar, vocals), Max Boran (bass), Dave Anderson (drums), Daniel Knight (guitar).