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21+ SHOW

Jason Eady


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7:30 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE | $12.00 DOOR



On August 10, the Mississippi-bred singer & guitarist Jason Eady returns with a new album I Travel On. The album is his first to be recorded with his ace touring band who have been relentlessly touring behind Eady’s critically acclaimed self-titled album that was released in 2017. GRAMMY-nominated musicians Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley accompanied Eady, his bandmates and wife Courtney Patton to round out the lineup that would execute the live, single-take sessions.

With his catalog spanning from blues-infused Americana to bare-bones reimagining of classic country, Eady’s seventh full-length takes on a looser, livelier, more groove-driven sound than ever before. But while I Travel On brims with a feel-good spontaneity, the Fort Worth-based artist continues to instill each song with the subtle insight and emotional depth that makes his music so powerful. “One of the best things about making this album is that it was all done live—just six guys with acoustic instruments sitting in a room together, playing these songs we’d been working out for a while on the road,” says Eady. “Having Rob & Trey join us in the studio sparked a whole new fire to give it that spontaneous feel. The whole process was magic.”

In another departure from his previous work, Eady wrote most of I Travel On in a month-long burst of creativity. “Normally I take my pick of the songs I’ve come up with since the last album, but this time I was writing specifically for this record,” he says. “And because the album’s so groove-centered, I focused on the way words rolled off the tongue and how they moved with the music. If something felt good to sing, I just let it be instead of going back and editing myself like I might’ve done in the past.” Eady’s self-titled 2017 release was embraced by Rolling Stone, Wide Open Country, Saving Country Music and Noisey, who called the album “A self-titled 10-song collection of classic, heart-wrenching, delicate country.”


From the Midwest comes another tremendous writer. Matthew Francis Andersen has built a solid reputation as a powerhouse of lyrics. His name finds it’s way into conversation with any number of masters of the craft, take your pick: Greg Brown – John Prine – Jeffrey Foucault – and the like. Slow, the Summer Burned is an album that carefully paints a picture of both delight and desolation…the raising and the ruins…the timber and the flood.

“Matthew Francis Andersen’s music is reminiscent of Steve Earle, John Prine, and Springsteen. He’s a tremendous writer, bridging Chicago with the Northwoods. I really dig what he’s doing.” —Nick Digilio, WGN Radio, 720am, Chicago

“Matthew Francis Andersen is a consummate craftsmen. His song ‘Blue Line’ proves he has a poet’s eye for detail, a trait that separates good writers from legions of hacks.” —Caine O’Rear, Editor-In-Chief, American Songwriter Magazine.