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21+ SHOW

Agent Orange

with Fea and Bonefire

Saturday, August 4, 2018

8:00 pm

$18.00 ADVANCE | $20.00 DOOR



The Original Southern California Punk/Surf Power Trio, Agent Orange, is one of only a handful of bands who have been continually active since the earliest days of the West Coast Punk Scene. A small circle of musical rebels who came together to form a movement, they took their place front and center to experience and participate in the explosion of now legendary underground music that was created during the golden era of American Punk Rock.

Being the first to combine the melodic California surf guitar sound with the frantic energy of punk, Agent Orange invented the formula that would come to define the Orange County punk sound. Highly influential to many of the bands who have followed in their path, Agent Orange have always stayed one step ahead. Their strong connection to the Action Sports world has resulted in their music providing the soundtrack to numerous major motion pictures, video games, surf and skate films, television, and live sports events.

The last of the true independents, Agent Orange have managed to stay true to their roots, while always moving forward. Powered by a loyal following built up through years of explosive live performances all over the world, Agent Orange continue to deliver their Fullblown-Supercharged-Punk-Surf Sound on an international basis, with a never ending schedule of tours in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. C’mon down front and expose yourself to Agent Orange.


Fea is the continued ferocity of Girl In A Coma’s Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva, joined by lead vocalist Letty Martinez and guitarist Aaron Magana. Their melodic brand of riot grrrl chicana punk immediately caught the ear of many iconic collaborators, such as Joan Jett who signed them to Blackheart Records.

Producers on their debut LP (self-titled) include Lori Barbero (Babes In Toyland), Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), and Alice Bag (Bags), all of whom perfectly compliment the band’s fierce exploration of societal, cultural and gender-related issues. Mixing humor with abandon and English with Spanish, Fea empowers listeners and inspires dissidence. Those whose aim to oppress are in FEA’s crosshairs, and resistance has never sounded so infectious!


thE loNgsCale aNd LonGwInDed FuLL BONEFIRE BiO: ~~~> Gags (MISERY) attends a Danzig concert in 2006, and is confronted by Raven and Jason (who’s left hand was completely covered in black Sharpie) asking if he would like to join a project Misfits tribute band called “The Misfucks”. He meets with the 2 and a new guitarist they had just recruited, Chris “Joker” (fresh out of Trouble Maker in Oakland). After the meeting, all decided to give it a go, and the name was then changed to “Bleeding Light”, so band name would be printable on flyers.

After about 2 months of trying to find a practice spot, and then finally learning the drummer didn’t actually own a drum kit, Gags and Joker stepped away from Bleeding Light and reformed a band under a different lineup and the new name “Thunderhead”. They recruited a new drummer Mike “Poopship Destroyer” and a new singer who’s name escapes them. That singer leaves for reasons that also escapes them, and along comes Andrew (from Bone Club) to pick up the vocal mic. At this time a 5 song demo is quickly rehearsed and recorded at the House of Misery studios, (available for listen on YouTube, but was never released) and the band receives an email from a lawyer threatening to sue the band as there was another band in town called “The Thunderheads” (who’s claim to fame was…they play at Mayslacks”).

The band then changes its name to BONEFIRE.