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The Federales ∕ Sam Cassidy ∕ Sarah Krueger

Thursday, August 2, 2018

7:30 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE



The Federales: Classic country for the modern world. We’re not from the Black Hills, the Texas Panhandle or Appalachia. We’re from the Twin Cities. Damn proud of it, too, but we play country music, because it’s one of America’s native languages.

We use it to tell our stories of love, good times, Grain Belt & friends. Some are fact. Some are fiction with the truth hiding in there somewhere. All of them are heartfelt. We’re pickers, fiddlers, groovers & harmonizers. We’re ready to make you sing along, get up and dance or just sit and tap your toes. We’re The Federales.


Sometimes it just takes a while for things to come into focus. Debts is the first collection of songs from Minneapolis’ Sam Cassidy. Written over the last few years, Cassidy draws on the life of ordinary people as well as his own experiences to paint vivid pictures of struggle and joy, hard work and taking it easy, longing and satisfaction.

Debts was tracked in three studios over ten months and culls the talents of eight musicians in two separate backing bands. Cassidy recorded a set of tracks live at the Terrarium, calling on longtime friends the Red Daughters- Tony Beres, Mark Hanson, Aaron “Hix” Lee, Charlie Murlowski, and Ryan Zickermann. More songs were recorded with the All Night Canyons – a group of talented musicians pulled together for these sessions including Jeremy Hanson (Tapes ‘n Tapes, Actual Wolf), Rob Skoro (Mason Jennings, Haley Bonar), Steve Bosmans (Charn, John Mark Nelson), and Hix (Red Daughters, Dirt Road Ramblers).

Named one of First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2014, Cassidy’s music music has been described as a “unique brand of hard-luck, blue-collar rock” with “a true ear for timeless melodies”. Often backed by a sprawling backing band, his dynamic live show is not to be missed.


Sarah Krueger is Eau Claire, WI born and Duluth, MN built. Between stretches of teaching jobs, waiting tables, and holing up in a cold Duluth hillside apartment, Sarah has crafted a lustrous folk sound that serves as a breathing foundation for her earnest and straightforward songwriting. After three years of stints at Erik Koskinen’s Real Phonic Studio in Minneapolis, Sarah and her rotating cohort of applauded artists carved out a record laced with a moody brightness and authentic vibe.

In three years time, we have Lustrous, Krueger’s sophomore album featuring JT Bates and Erik Pollard on drums, Erik Koskinen on guitar, and Steve Garrington and Frankie Lee on bass. Sean Carey, Jordan Taylor, Don House, Ben Lester, Jake Hanson, and Kyle Keegan also lend a hand in rounding out the songs as they come to fruition. This batch of songs are three years worth of finding light in our most human moments, noticing the brightness before we were tainted and tired, and believing in the luster that shows itself when we are most alive. At times the songs find themselves in a dark place, often indifferent and working through to the light, whereas some stand alone in the shine. Krueger’s zealous performing and prevailing voice offer a fresh presence to the stage and seem to hit all the soft spots in the complicated space between us all.