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21+ SHOW | 'Enough' Album Release



Thursday, November 29, 2018

7:00 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE



Faith Boblett is the product of her upbringing. Surrounded by music, and raised by parents that actually met each other in a band, Faith started singing at a very young age. After her family moved to a small town in rural Minnesota, Faith began playing guitar and writing her own songs at thirteen.

Faith has completed a full length album, Oil & Water (2013), and an EP, TELL ME (2014). Faith has had the opportunity to record with the amazing Brent Sigmeth at Littlebig Studios in Cannon Falls, MN, as well as the Minneapolis-native recording guru, Knol Tate. Collaborating with friends, and local music veterans, both releases showcase what she has been working on for all these years.

Currently, Faith is working with her band on more music and is planning to get back to playing lots of shows in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota this summer. Faith is preparing to release her full length album, Enough, in Fall of 2018.

Faith pulls inspiration from singer-songwriters like Brandi Carlile, Stevie Wonder, Lissie, and Ryan Adams and plays shows with her band, as well as solo acoustic sets. Faith bends boundaries and doesn’t exactly fit into one box. If she gets asked what kind of music she plays, she usually says, “Ummm, singer-songwriter songs that get worked on by the full band, that turn into whatever they’re supposed to be? I guess, pop in the classical sense, not bubble gum, with rock and alternative sensibility, sometimes a little rootsy, too? I suck at answering this question…”


Over the span of three critically acclaimed full length albums (2017’s Asilomar, 2013’s Fathom Lane and 2012’s Down By Half) Fathom Lane has been getting international attention for their wonderfully indefinable sound. Michael Ferrier’s songs are at once accessible and memorable, but are also sneaky with their quietly innovative touches. Ferrier cites classic touchstones such as The Velvet Underground, Tom Petty, Gram Parson’s Cosmic American Music, and the Laurel Canyon songwriters, but even with these influences Fathom Lane manages a contemporary sound.


Sometimes it just takes a while for things to come into focus. Debts is the first collection of songs from Minneapolis’ Sam Cassidy. Written over the last few years, Cassidy draws on the life of ordinary people as well as his own experiences to paint vivid pictures of struggle and joy, hard work and taking it easy, longing and satisfaction.