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21+ SHOW

The Annual Blowout

ft. Birthday Suits, BLAHA, Ex Nuns, and IV

Saturday, January 5, 2019

8:00 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE | $12.00 DOOR


Note: $12.00 is the day of show price for The Annual Blowout.


Since their debut in 2005, the Minneapolis-based duo of Matthew Kazama and Hideo Takahashi has excelled at tossing elements of late-’90s mathcore and classic Reagan-era punk against the wall with disarming power and impressively fresh results. Their 2010 release, Minnesota: Mouth To Mouth (Nice and Neat Records), sticks to that formula, but with a smidge more spit-polish shining up their succinct sense of melody. Birthday Suits’ biggest asset remains the way their blurry-but-brilliant mix of sharp edges and curvy hooks matches up neatly with their dark-humored lyrics and stage presence that feels as gleeful as it does dangerous.


BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from intense Minneapolis surf-psych band The Blind Shake. His new album The Art of Not(Wet Bridge Records) is like watching someone’s brain slowly clench into a fist as the tension builds between catchy pop songs and dark, sonic obsessions. The project erupted after a buildup of over 100 songs that fit less and less as Blind Shake songs given the lone gunman vibe and increased use of melody and dynamics.


Post-punk trio hailing from Minneapolis, MN. If you like drinking beer out of cans with your buds at the local dive bar, giving your drunk friend a ride home (when really he’s more sober than your are), and waking up the next morning with a missing bumper… EX NUNS HAVE YOU COVERED!!!

EX NUNS! Music to crash your car to. Ian Littleson, Joram Livengood, Jeff Truckenmiller.


Minneapolis supergroup (featuring members of Joust, Citric Dummies, Color TV) well aware of the power of punk simplicity and wielding it with perfection. Buzzsaw guitars, quick chords changes, and the occasional stop/start all propelled forward by huge vocal hooks. 100% TOTAL PUNK.