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21+ SHOW | Radio K presents

Nazeem & Spencer Joles ∕ Seaberg & The Velvet Punks

with Guante & Big Cats and Blvck Madonna

Thursday, January 3, 2019

7:30 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE | $12.00 DOOR


Note: $12.00 is the day of show price.


Nazeem Cunningham met Spencer Joles in middle school, and neither expected to be making music together almost a decade later. “I kind of just went up to him and started freestyling, but we wouldn’t ever freestyle about anything or have it rhyme. It would just be ridiculous,” Joles said. By the time the collaborators, now both 20, made it to Southwest High School, they began writing music seriously, and the two have been close collaborators ever since. “Sometime in high school we realized we could actually kind of make music,” Cunningham said.


Seaberg is a hip-hop, alt-jazz, and neo-soul band featuring multi-instrumentalist Taylor Seaberg, Justin Halverson (bass), and Carlos Kelley (drums). Often soulful and punk driven, the group carries a vibrant energy. Under their former name of “People Will Dance,” Seaberg’s in-studio performance of their song “Vibes” was featured in City Pages’ Local Frames and the Local Current blog’s Friday Five music video roundups. Seaberg has also performed at an MPR sponsored album release show for Chastity Brown’s Silhouette of Sirensat The Fitzgerald Theater.

In late 2016, Seaberg released their first demoed recordings. The name of the EP–The People Will Dance Tapes–nods towards the origins of the band while looking toward the future. Songs like ‘Fool’s Gold’ pay homage to the stylings of jazz guitarist George Benson melding social commentary about hook up culture along with breakup blues. Taylor showcases their auto-biographical lyrical abilities on tracks like ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Run.’ When not performing with the full band, Taylor can be found performing their solo original music under the same name.


mutate. evolve. transform. War Balloons (2018) is Guante and Big Cats‘ first collaborative project since 2012’s You Better Weaponize. Building on that album’s unapologetically political tone, the songs here are grounded in narrative and world-building. “Dog People” looks at the culture of white working-class resentment and the scapegoating (of immigrants, feminists, and other working people) that results from it.

“You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing” is a blistering remix of an older Guante song framing the uninhibited accumulation of wealth as a legitimate moral failing. In between, there are polar bears, mutants, star-crossed lovers, and all of the visionary, just-this-side-of-magical-realism imagery that the duo’s older work displays. Influenced by equal parts Bruce Springsteen, Public Enemy, and adrienne maree brown’s “Emergent Strategy,” this is a project called into existence by necessity. As Guante recently tweeted: “screaming at this hellscape is not enough to change it, but changing it probably won’t happen without the screaming.”