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21+ SHOW | Evil Roar and Surly Brewing present

The Chasm

with Sunless, Former Worlds, Acerus, and Void Rot

Saturday, February 2, 2019

7:00 pm

$15.00 ADVANCE



The Chasm is an extreme metal band originally from Mexico City, and currently residing in Chicago. Though their first album was released in 1994, the band remained in the underground scene, yet prominent in Latin America and Europe, and reached further audiences after signing on to UK-based Earache Records. Aside from death metal, the band is influenced by other metal genres, such as thrash metal, black metal, progressive metal, and doom metal. The band was created in December 1992 by Daniel Corchado right after he left Cenotaph.


Formed in 2015, SUNLESS draws influence from pioneers of extreme dissonant metal such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, and Deathspell Omega, reinterpreting the sound through an abstract lens that is all their own. Comprised of bassist Mitch Schooler (ex-Nerves, Modulus), drummer Ben Iburg (Not From Here, The Eye Unclouded), and guitarist/vocalist Lucas Scott (Australis, Pestifere), the band boasts a prominent rhythm section, a scattered assortment of time signatures, interwoven and complex arrangements, and bellowing death growls, akin to the output of Baring Teeth, Pyrrhon, and Artificial Brain.


Oppressive, sci-fi inspired doom. Featuring current and former members of In The Company of Serpents, Maeth, and Earthrise.



Acerus is a Heavy Metal semi-studio project formed in 2012.



Cosmic death/doom band from Minneapolis, MN