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21+ SHOW

Finesse ∕ The Florists ∕ Witch Watch ∕ Cheap Fantasy

Thursday, June 6, 2019

7:00 pm




Finesse is a pop duo inspired by 1982, created for 2019. Members Patrick Donohoe (CLAPS, Principality) and Jeff Cornell (Posh Lost fka Gloss, Pale Spectre) recall memories of the forward-looking, second wave of synth pop. They function as what Simon Reynolds describes as the “Composer-operator and the Singer-lyricist”, or the “Fire-and-Ice” combo.


The Florists are three friendly people (Jo Kellen, Jared Hemming, Luke Michaels) from Minneapolis. They play noisy pop songs about kitchens, seraphim, and the way you comb your hair. Coming off of their 2016 release Can You Feel The Stasis?, the Florists released their follow-up EP, No Costume, in April 2017 and completed their first national tour. Combining spastic arrangements, catchy, rhythmic hooks and an intense live presence, this trio storms the stage with manic glee.


Witch Watch was formed by Derek Van Gieson (Paraguay City Rollers, Roman Invasion Suite, The Bridge Over River Qua, Murder Shoes) and Anna Neighbors (Flowerstalks) following the breakup of Murder Shoes. Austin Cecil and Rory Donovan (both of Monica LaPlante’s Band) joined the lineup shortly after and the quartet released their debut album in April of 2017. In May of 2017, second guitarist Robert Kramer was added to the lineup.


“It takes approximately 50% of the opening track on Cheap Fantasy’s new EP to get fully hooked in. Beginning as something of a dimmed stutter, the track gradually, assuredly, builds itself up in to a gorgeously hazy pop song, each slightly wilted line delivered with a soft glow that feels like something; like change, perhaps, or the idea of it at least. The opening track on the new EP from former the former Frankie Teardrops man, ‘Life Of Glass’ is a gorgeous opening point for his latest work, a space where playful percussion dips in and out focus as the warm run of guitars and keys roll on for a near five-minute journey.