Clown Lounge

The Clown Lounge is located in the basement level of the Turf Club on University Avenue in St. Paul. It was originally opened with the intention of featuring a collection of clown memorabilia, but eventually it morphed into a smaller, more intimate music venue than the club upstairs. Today, its wood paneling, well-worn leather booths, and taxidermied animals adorning the walls give it a unique hideaway feel. The Clown Lounge eventually started hosting some of the most experimental jazz nights in town, which featured a weekly Monday night Jazz Implosion hosted by JT Bates and his Fat Kid Wednesdays cohorts for over half a decade. The small room still hosts some various live performances that serve as a nice compliment or contrast to what is happening up on the main stage above, as well as a quiet, cozy place to get away for a bit while things are getting crazy at the Turf.