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Saturday, August 24
Show | 8:30pm // Doors | 7:30pm
21+ SHOW


New Primals are a noise rock/dance punk band from Minneapolis, MN that began in June of 2016 when Andrew Kurtz (of Wage Theft) and Eric Nordling (of Swimsuit Area/CONGORATS) started writing music together. They were joined shortly after by Sam Frederick (of Burn Fetish/Chalk) and Preston Laack (of Burn Fetish/New Wave Hookers).

The current New Primals line-up consists of Sam Frederick (guitar/vocals), Eric Nordling (bass), and Lars Oslund (drums).

New Primals have a chaotically spastic yet danceable sound with an equally intense stage performance drawing from bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Arab on Radar, Melt-Banana and The Locust. On Sept 11, 2017 they released the 6 song Wraith EP, which was recorded/mixed by BJ Woullet at City Sound in St. Paul, mastered by Knol Tate, and featured artwork by Coryn Lanasa.


Pink Avalanche’s third album, appropriately titled III (Past/Futures Records, 2019), finds the band’s sound evolving, with an even greater focus than before on texture, repetition and harmonic exploration. While their previous 2014 album The Luminous Heart of Nowherehearkened to the driving, bold melodic rock of their midwestern ’80s-’90s indie rock brethren, III finds the lineup streamlined and their sound exploring more intimate and intricate structures.

III is the Chicago-based band’s first album since The Luminous Heart of Nowhere (Past/Futures, 2014) and its first with a 3-piece lineup — founding bassist Pete Croke moved to Puerto Rico in 2018, and rather than bring in someone new, the band decided to remain a trio, with guitarist Kortland Chase switching to bass.

Pink Avalanche began in 2011 when guitarist/vocalist Che Arthur (formerly of Atombombpocketknife) and drummer Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows) decided to rekindle a musical relationship that began in their native Alabama in the early 1990s and continued after the two relocated to Chicago in the mid-’90s. The two began work on the first Pink Avalanche album Wraiths, during which time they asked Chase and Croke to join and complete the lineup.

Wraiths was released in 2013, followed the next year by The Luminous Heart of Nowhere. Medical and personal reasons kept the band’s activity minimal in 2016 and 2017, but they were still sporadically working on music for their third album. Eventually the band, having reworked the new material after the lineup change, entered the studio in the fall of 2018 and emerged with III.


Diamond Lake is an American rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2012. Originally born as a natural extension of career designer duo Jarrod Riddle (vocals, guitars, keys) and Ollie Bauer (drums, programming), the band was built around minimalist aesthetics and textural use of electronics to augment their sound. The name was inspired by the idea that music takes you to a “place” and the visuals that the name creates.

Shortly after recording their first studio album Spirits (2014), Diamond Lake relocated to Minneapolis and added Andy Gruhn (bass/keyboards) to expand their sound and began writing new material. The sound has grown organically from introspective acoustics to dynamic, melody-driven, danceable rock. The band define their music as electro rock or dynamic pop and their sound pairs well with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, On An On, Jimmy Eat World, Menomena, Sir Sly, Kins, The Moth & The Flame, Bad Suns and We Barbarians.


New band featuring members of So Fox, The Deaths, and Wisconsin Nightlife