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21+ SHOW | 89.3 The Current and TGNP present

Andrew Broder & People – 2018 Residency for Music and Action

with Izell Pyramid, Condominium, Mina Moore, Jeremy Ylvisaker, 26 BATS!, + special guest speaker Moses Tut

Thursday, January 18, 2018

7:00 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE


Proceeds to benefit American Refugee Committee


Born and raised in Minneapolis MN, Andrew Broder has dedicated the better part of his thirty-plus years to carving out his own singular path in music. Andrew has spent time as a cutting and scratching battle DJ, a snotty punk rocker, a challenging and thoughtful improviser, soundtrack composer, working sideman, producer, remixer, beat-maker, poet, beauty creator, brutal noise-monger and above all a fearless, restless and provocative songwriter.

His work is a study in surprise and defying expectation. With his records as Fog, he re-defined the turntable as a compositional tool, and his contributions since to avant hip-hop, rock, jazz and noise have been equally engaging, and envelope-pushing. His lyrics are cutting and evocative, his melodies poignant and tart, and his curiosity leads him to unexpected juxtapositions in sound and image.

Currently, he is producing new work for his solo project Fog, fronts the rock band The Cloak Ox, creates detailed and immersive electronic music under his own name, makes beats for rappers and has his hand in numerous other projects and collaborations. In whatever genre or medium he works, he takes the listener somewhere they have never been, or makes them more keenly aware of somewhere they already are.


There are some things that are best left unexplained. Izell Pyramid speaks for himself.


There is something timeless about a D.I.Y. punk show. As the world seemingly falls apart all around us, I take some comfort in the fact that kids are still wearing studded leather jackets and Minor Threat T-shirts, turning out to support touring hardcore punk bands and wearing their musical influences on their sleeves. In many ways, the time is ripe for a rebirth of such an aesthetic. American hardcore was born during the depths of the early-’80s recession. What will be the soundtrack to our current financial meltdown?


Mina Moore is a singer-song writer from Minneapolis. Her music draws from that of her upbringing, leaning heavily on soul, R&B, and inevitably, pop. Like so many of us, Mina’s pallet is ever growing, and her live performances aim to educate as much as entertain. YSHEYELLIN is Mina Moore’s DJ guise.


Jeremy Ylvisaker is an independent songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and teacher living in south Minneapolis.

26 BATS!

26 BATS! is composed of the members of music collective, Kriyative Emblems of a Blue Soul Renaissance. With their multi-genre influences including hip-hop, jazz, soul, and alternative rock, 26 BATS! creates music with no intention of boundaries of a genre. These jazz and blues trained musicians challenge their sound with their desire for sonic exploration. By using themes of self-realization and overcoming hate, this twin cities based band has full intentions of empowering and healing through the creation of music.

MOSES TUT (special guest speaker)

Fashion Designer | Non Profit Executive