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21+ SHOW | COMMUNE presents

Early Eyes

with Stone Arch Isles and Sleeping Jesus

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

7:00 pm



Early Eyes became a band on October 3, 2016, as a temporary pop-up ensemble, garnering a sizable local following almost instantly. Drawing from all sorts of musical backgrounds, their songwriting abilities were worthy of winning The National Endowment of The Arts Songwriting Challenge.


Phil Levine, Matt Gleason, Dan Chapdelaine, Alex Chapdelaine, Trevor Stroschein, Carlos Kelley.



Three bars, two liquor stores, a couple churches, and miles of sprawling hills and fields. Not the background you might expect from Minnesota’s newest bedroom popstar, Sleeping Jesus. The Internet was a distraction for some, but an endless world of exploration in this case. A looking glass into unvisited cities, people, and the brilliance of indie rock. It was like hearing for the first time. The dreamy vocals, hazy weaving melodies, and existential ramblings play out like a series of daydreams more than pop tunes. Maybe an obsession with escapism and a fleeting youth, or simply one getting on.