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21+ | January 2019 Sunday Residency

Charlie Parr

with Jeff Mitchell

Sunday, January 20, 2019

7:00 pm

$10.00 ADVANCE | $12.00 DOOR


Note: $12.00 is the day of show price.


Easily confused and very shy, Charlie Parr has been traveling around performing his Resonator-fueled folk songs ever since leaving Austin, Minnesota in the 1980s in search of Spider John Koerner–whom he found about 100 miles north at the Viking Bar. The experience changed his life, made him more or less unemployable, and transformed him into the force of nature known to fans today.

Those who have been following Charlie Parr through his escapades of nonstop touring already know that the Duluth-based songwriter has a way of carving a path straight to the gut. On his newest record, Dog, he digs deeper and hits those nerves quicker than ever before. In quieter moments, Parr confronts hard issues head-on, using only an acoustic guitar or banjo to light the way, then ramps up to raucous, punk-tinged soundscapes that make you want to howl at the moon.


Jeff Mitchell’s songs are flashes of memory, emotion, and dry humor. His raw approach to fingerstyle guitar shifts from the pedestrian to the uncannily bent with little warning. His live shows have earned him a reputation for emotional intensity, lyrics that silence a room, and the occasional barnburner freakout.

Mitchell is a native of rural Minnesota transplanted to Milwaukee. His time spent living in small towns is essential to his songs and is obvious to listeners from out of the way places. He is a lifelong devotee of early music and singing old country songs passed down in his family. He also came of age in some gloriously ragged garage bands. Over the past 20 years or so, his interests in writing and experimentation have grown to combine his portraits of midwestern life with a strange undercurrent of dark, electronic psychedelia.

Jeff is perhaps best known as collaborator with others. As a founding member of Field Report, he spent two years in the arranging, recording, and subsequent intense touring behind the group’s debut album. Mitchell is also known for his live work with Charlie Parr, recently contributing guitar and vocals on Parr’s Dog album. Charlie returned the favor on Jeff’s new Greyhound EP.